upload video file

Need help with your project?

I believe I can help you with:

  • setting up a serverless architecture with AWS
  • choosing the right database engine or schema (DynamoDB, RDS, Elastic search)
  • CI/CD workflow in serverless apps for frontend and backend
  • setting up authentication with Cognito or Auth0
  • designing CQRS/Event sourcing architecture for complex applications
  • organizing code structure so that the domain model is abstracted from implementation details
  • general feedback and advising on your current architecture or advising on best-practices with TypeScript and JavaScript, Node.js, React/React Native apps

How does it work?

You present your work or idea and I will try to help with advice, a review or a solution to a potential problem.

But, rather than writing an email or scheduling a call, I require you to record a screencast instead.

Why screen recording?

In my experience, emails or issues on GitHub that I've received so far, usually lack sufficient information about the problem and I think a video is a good alternative.

However, a video call is another form of "sync communication" which is why I think a recording is more suitable (especially in the beginning).


You can always send a message for free and I will answer when I'm available.

If you see a value in my services and want a longer term relationship, I'm open for your offers. My price depends on hours per week/month you require and the type of project and work conditions (remote, flexible or something else).